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Starlight Princess: Slot Overview

Similar to reading a book, most online slots typically reward players when matching symbols land from left to right across the reels. However, some developers, like Pragmatic Play, dare to deviate from this norm. We've seen this unconventional approach in games like Sweet Bonanza, its festive edition, and more recently in Gates of Olympus. Now, get ready to experience it again in an anime/manga-themed game called Starlight Princess, which employs a similar pay mechanic. While it may sound like a cousin of Play'n GO's classic Moon Princess, Starlight Princess is a distinct creation from Pragmatic Play, serving as a direct clone of Gates of Olympus.

It's hard not to draw comparisons between any anime/manga-style game and Moon Princess, but Starlight Princess certainly bears a striking resemblance. On one side of the screen, a box showcases the current sequence of cascading wins, while on the other side, the wide-eyed Starlight Princess gracefully flaps her wings. The energetic soundtrack sets the mood, though Starlight Princess boasts a more lively tune. In the center of the screen lies the 6-reel, 5-row game panel adorned with symbols reminiscent of Moon Princess, while the surrounding imagery features clouds, a moon, stars, and a tower. It's a dreamy, fantastical setting that caters well to fans of this aesthetic.

Starlight Princess operates on the same engine that powered Gates of Olympus, resulting in a similar set of numbers and statistics. This includes a default RTP (Return to Player) value of 96.5%, although players should keep an eye out for versions with lower RTP values, which can drop to 95.51% or even 94.50%. Like its predecessor, the volatility of Starlight Princess is high, with Pragmatic Play officially rating it at 5 out of 5—identical to the previous game but higher than the original Sweet Bonanza. Players will find a wide range of stakes available to accommodate most gambling preferences, starting at 20 p/c and rising to $/€100 per spin. Additionally, similar to the other two games, the Ante Bet feature is also available.

What sets these Pragmatic Play games apart from the norm is their departure from traditional paylines. In a surprising twist, all pay symbols function similarly to scatter symbols, paying out from anywhere on the reels. As long as there are at least 8 matching symbols in view, players can expect a payout. The first five pay symbols consist of various gem shapes, followed by four symbols featuring stars, moons, hearts, and suns. When at least 12 of the higher-value symbols land, payouts range from 12 to 50 times the stake. Despite this unconventional approach, Starlight Princess does incorporate wild symbols, which could potentially complicate matters but add an exciting element to the gameplay.

Starlight Princess: Slot Features

Apologies for the oversight regarding the wild symbols. Let me correct that. Starlight Princess does indeed come with a tumble feature, multiplier symbols, free spins, and the Ante Bet option. Here's how they work:

Starting with the tumble feature, once winning combinations have been awarded, all winning symbols vanish from the grid. The remaining symbols drop down to fill the empty spaces, and new symbols cascade from above to replace them. This tumbling action continues until no further winning combinations are formed, with no limit to the number of tumbles.

Multiplier symbols, depicted as green, blue, pink, and orange winged hearts, can appear randomly on all reels during spins or tumbles. When a multiplier symbol lands, it randomly takes on a value ranging from x2 to x500. At the end of the tumbling sequence, the values of all multiplier symbols on the screen are summed up and applied to the total win, determining the final prize value.

Triggering the free spins feature requires landing 4 or more scatter symbols anywhere on the screen, which awards 15 free spins. During the free spins, each time a multiplier symbol appears on a winning spin, its value is added to a cumulative multiplier displayed on the upper left side of the screen. Throughout the free spins round, any new multiplier symbols that contribute to a win also add their value to the total multiplier, further amplifying the win. Additionally, if 3 or more scatter symbols land during the free spins, players receive an extra 5 free spins.

Finally, players have the option to activate the Ante Bet, increasing the stake by 25%. This enhances the chances of triggering the free spins feature, effectively doubling the likelihood of entering the bonus round.

Comparison with Other Games

Game Developer RTP Volatility Unique Features
Starlight Princess Pragmatic Play 96.5% High (5/5) - Tumble feature - Multiplier symbols - Free spins - Ante Bet option
Moon Princess Play’n GO Varies High - Cascading wins - Princess Power features - Free spins with different princess abilities
Gates of Olympus Pragmatic Play 96.5% High (5/5) - Similar pay mechanic - Tumble feature - Multiplier symbols - Free spins - Ante Bet option

Game Design of Starlight Princess

Welcome to the enchanting world of Starlight Princess, a celestial adventure crafted by Pragmatic Play. In this blog, we’ll delve into the captivating game design, mesmerizing visuals, and thrilling features that make Starlight Princess a stellar addition to the gaming universe.

Breathtaking Graphics and Art Design

One of the game’s standout features is its breathtaking graphics and art design. The development team employed cutting-edge technology to render celestial landscapes, alien worlds, and intricate spaceships in stunning detail. The result is a visual masterpiece that transports players to a universe filled with wonder and mystery. Every spin feels like a cosmic journey, with vibrant colors, intricate symbols, and otherworldly backdrops.

Immersive Soundscapes

The immersive sound enhances the fairy-tale universe of Starlight Princess. From the gentle hum of interstellar engines to the ethereal melodies echoing through distant galaxies, the audio design envelops players in an otherworldly ambiance. Whether you’re exploring asteroid fields or encountering cosmic creatures, the soundscapes add depth and emotion to the gameplay.

Intuitive User Interface

The interface of Starlight Princess is designed for accessibility. Simple settings for bets and spins make the game easy to navigate, even for beginners. The intuitive layout displays essential information such as balance, bet amount, and winnings. Whether you’re a seasoned space traveler or a novice stargazer, the user-friendly interface ensures a seamless gaming experience.

Starlight Princess: Slot Verdict

Unless you're a die-hard fan of shojo manga, Starlight Princess may not leave a lasting impression. While there are no major flaws, the fact that it's a clone of Gates of Olympus means there's little novelty to explore. If you've already experienced other games in this series, you'll find that Starlight Princess offers more of the same without adding much new content or backstory to distinguish itself. However, if you're particularly fond of the theme, the charming princess and her magical free spins may still hold some appeal.

Of course, not everyone has played Gates of Olympus, and there are players who enjoy the princess, fairy, anime aesthetic, making Starlight Princess a potential delight for them. The game's approach of paying out in all positions is relatively uncommon and meshes well with cascading wins and multipliers. It's not uncommon for a round of free spins to start slow and then suddenly escalate after a significant win multiplier is accumulated. This anticipation can add to the excitement, especially when waiting for the opportune moment to unleash the multiplier.

The accumulated multipliers play a crucial role in determining the outcome of the free spins. Building a substantial multiplier early on can lead to satisfying results. Similar to Gates of Olympus, Starlight Princess maintains a realistic maximum win cap, adhering to Pragmatic Play's standard limit of 5,000 times the bet.

In terms of gameplay, Starlight Princess doesn't offer much beyond what Gates of Olympus already provides. However, if you're a manga enthusiast seeking a game with pay-anywhere mechanics, this might be the only option available that combines these elements effectively.

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22 Sep 2021
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