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Pragmatic Play seems to have taken the "buying the lot" approach with their release of not just one, but four variations of the Shining Hot slot: Shining Hot 5, Shining Hot 20, Shining Hot 40, and Shining Hot 100. Each title corresponds to the number of paylines in the game. While there are some numerical differences between them, the core experience remains largely the same, so we're bundling them together like a basket of groceries.

When you load up Shining Hot, it's like taking a step back in time to an earlier era of graphics. You'll be greeted with a shimmering flame effect next to a 5-reel, 3-row panel in the 5 and 20 payline versions, or a 5-reel, 4-row setup in the 40 and 100 payline versions. The visuals are pretty standard, with lots of fruit and retro-looking reels. 

Interestingly, science tells us that the shortest unit of time measured is a zeptosecond, which is one trillionth of a billionth of a second. That's incredibly short! But it'll take you about half that time to figure out whether Shining Hot is the right game for you or not.

Setting jokes aside, there are indeed some statistical differences among the four versions of the game. All are classified as highly volatile, although the 40 payline version seems to be slightly less volatile than the others, as indicated by Pragmatic Play's lightning bolt meter. The RTP ranges from 96.32% to 96.36%, while minimum bets range from 5 p/c to $/€1 per spin. The maximum bet for all four versions of Shining Hot is $/€100.

Symbol values also vary among the four games, although they all use the same symbols—bananas, lemons, cherries, plums, oranges, and apples. Landing a five-of-a-kind winning line is worth 1.1x-12x on Shining Hot 100, 2.75x-30x the bet on Shining Hot 40, 5.5x-60x on Shining Hot 20, and 22x-240x the bet on Shining Hot 5. In all versions, at least three matching symbols are needed to create a winning line, starting from reel 1.

Wild symbols appear in all games on all reels to substitute for any symbol except the scatter. A five-symbol wild win pays 25x, 62.5x, 125x, or 500x the bet in the 100, 40, 20, or 5 payline versions, respectively.

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Game Design of Shining Hot

Theme and Visuals

Picture yourself in a smoky casino, surrounded by flashing lights and the sound of spinning reels. Shining Hot 20 takes you back to the golden era of slot machines. The game screen features a 5x4 grid adorned with familiar fruit symbols—cherries, lemons, plums, and watermelons. The background exudes vintage vibes, reminiscent of old-school slot halls.

Gameplay and Features

  1. 20 Active Lines: As the title suggests, Shining Hot 20 boasts 20 active paylines. Spin the reels and aim for winning combinations across these lines. The game keeps it simple, just like the classic slots of yesteryears.

  2. Diamond Wilds: The sparkling diamond symbol serves as the wild. It substitutes for other regular symbols, helping you form winning combos. Even a single diamond can make a difference, so keep an eye out for these precious gems.

  3. Bell Scatters: The bell scatter symbol adds a touch of nostalgia. Land three or more bells anywhere on the reels to trigger free spins. The more bells, the merrier—the cosmic jukebox might just play your lucky tune.

Betting and Payouts

  • Bets: You can place bets starting from $0.20 per spin, making it accessible for all players. Max out the stakes at $100 if you’re feeling lucky.
  • Max Win: Shining Hot 20 offers a potential payout of up to 2,500 times your stake. That’s a cosmic $250,000 if luck aligns the stars.

Shining Hot: Slot Features

In the world of features, Shining Hot doesn't offer much to write home about. In fact, it's pretty light on them. There's only one additional feature to mention: scatter symbol winning possibilities. The bell serves as the scatter symbol, and it can appear on any reel. In all four versions of Shining Hot, landing 3, 4, or 5 scatters anywhere in view triggers a payout worth 5, 15, or 500 times the stake, respectively.

Shining Hot: Slot Verdict

For players seeking innovation or something fresh, the Shining Hot range may not be the best choice. In an era where humanity is on the brink of migrating to the metaverse, Shining Hot feels like a relic of the past. Perhaps that's intentional—a rejection of modernity in favor of the perceived simplicity of the old ways. Nostalgia is a common theme in slots, but Shining Hot lacks the trendy appeal found in games like Hellcatraz or Banana Town. Instead, it caters more to those who appreciate retro-style, land-based gaming.

As a compromise, players who enjoy classic elements with a modern twist might find Pragmatic Play's Fire Strike 2 more appealing. It's a fruity slot with plenty of features and huge potential. In comparison, Shining Hot offers wins of up to 2,500 times the bet—not a staggering amount, but it fits well with the overall simplicity of the range. Nonetheless, there are likely players who appreciate this straightforward style, and that's perfectly fine.

So, which Shining Hot slot should you choose? It ultimately comes down to personal preference—consider factors like the number of paylines, symbol values, or stake levels, and think about what kind of experience you're looking for. However, in the end, does it really matter? Each Shining Hot option is a basic game with no elaborate bonus rounds or significant features. Whether you appreciate its no-frills approach or find its lack of innovation uninspiring, as German artist George Grosz once said, it may come across as "threadbare, ugly, and often pointlessly ambiguous."


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17 Jul 2022
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