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Santa's Wonderland: Slot Overview

Pragmatic Play joins the festive season with Santa's Wonderland, a Christmas-themed slot that takes inspiration from their previous game, Gems Bonanza. While not an exact replica, Santa's Wonderland shares many similarities in terms of gameplay, although some stats and rules have been tweaked. If you've experienced one, you'll find the other familiar.

In Santa's Wonderland, the focus is on gifts, particularly toys, suggesting we're immersed in Santa's workshop during the holiday season. It feels like we're witnessing the final preparations before Santa embarks on his magical journey around the globe, with stacks of beautifully wrapped presents awaiting their place on his sleigh. Despite the clutter of an 8x8 grid adorned with various trinkets, accompanied by features like a clock, meter, and bonus buy button, the overall atmosphere exudes warmth and Christmas charm.

Santa's Wonderland operates as a cluster-paying grid slot, where wins occur when 5 matching symbols align horizontally or vertically. Triggering a win activates the tumble feature, removing the winning symbols and allowing new ones to fill the gaps, potentially creating more clusters in the same spin. However, despite its similarities to Gems Bonanza, Santa's Wonderland deviates slightly with a reduced RTP from 96.51% to the current 96.23%. Nevertheless, it maintains a highly volatile math model, although the maximum win has been decreased, which may disappoint some players. Nonetheless, enthusiasts can still engage with the game on any device, with betting options ranging from 20 p/c to $/€100 per spin.

As for the paytable, it's dominated by toys and baubles. Low-paying symbols, represented by blue, green, red, and orange decorations, offer rewards ranging from 5 to 12.5 times the bet for clusters containing 20-24 symbols. On the other hand, high-paying symbols include toy planes, trains, and teddy bears, granting payouts of 25 to 100 times the stake for a cluster comprising 20-24 symbols. Notably, the bushy-bearded Santa wild symbol substitutes for all others but is activated through specific features—Wild Santa or Lucky Santa. Although it doesn't occur organically, the wilds can connect with multiple symbol types simultaneously, aiding in completing clusters.

Santa's Wonderland: Slot Features

Santa's Wonderland features a variety of engaging mechanics, including snowflake modifiers and the Midnight Riches Meter, enhancing the gameplay experience for players.

The Snowflake Modifiers add an element of excitement to each spin. At the beginning of every new spin, five snowflakes appear randomly on the grid. If a winning cluster forms on top of a snowflake, a specific modifier is activated after the current tumble sequence concludes:

- Blue Snowflake: Triggers the Refresh feature, clearing the grid of all symbols except wilds, with new symbols tumbling onto the screen.
- Purple Snowflake: Activates the Wild Santa feature, transforming all instances of the same symbol type into wilds.
- Yellow Snowflake: Unleashes the Blocks feature, adding random 2x2 sized blocks of the same symbol type to the grid.
- Red Snowflake: Initiates the Supersize feature, adding a random block of 3x3, 4x4, or 5x5 of the same symbol to the grid.
- Green Snowflake: Grants the Lucky Santa feature, adding 5 to 15 wild symbols to the screen in random positions.

If multiple snowflakes are won during the same spin, they activate sequentially in the order listed above.

The Midnight Riches Progressive Feature adds another layer of excitement to the gameplay. With every spin, the number of winning symbols is tallied in the Midnight Riches meter. Once 140 symbols have been collected, the Midnight Riches feature is triggered, starting at level 1. Each level activates all spin modifiers mentioned above, once per level, with all wins multiplied by 3. Players can progress through the levels by collecting winning symbols during the feature, unlocking higher multipliers and more lucrative rewards.

Additionally, players have the option to Buy Midnight Riches, allowing them to instantly access the feature by paying 100 times the stake. This enables them to progress through the five levels of the Midnight Riches feature, following the collection requirements outlined above.

Overall, these features add depth and excitement to the gameplay, providing players with ample opportunities for big wins and thrilling experiences.

Comparison with Other Games

Aspect Santa’s Wonderland (Pragmatic Play) Elden Ring
Theme Christmas grotto-style setting with toys and Santa Dark fantasy open-world with mythical creatures
Gameplay Grid Large 8x8 grid using Cluster Pay mechanic Standard paylines with 5 reels and 3 rows
Betting Range $0.20 minimum to $100 maximum Varies based on the casino
Bonus Features Snowflake-triggered features: symbol wipes, Santa Wilds, 2x2 blocks, 3x3 blocks, and up to 20 Wilds Dynamic combat, magic, and exploration
Top Prize Up to €750,000.00 N/A (Elden Ring is not a slot game)
Graphics Festive and cozy Dark and atmospheric
Audience Fans of Christmas-themed slots Action RPG enthusiasts

Game Design of Santa's Wonderland

Design and Theme

As the name suggests, Santa’s Wonderland is all about Christmas. Pragmatic Play has masterfully crafted a grotto-style setting for the reels, adorned with baubles, twinkling lights, and holiday decorations. The symbols include toys, snowflakes, and, of course, Santa himself as the Wild symbol. The warm and festive visuals evoke the joy and anticipation of the holiday season.

Gameplay and Features

  1. Cluster Pays Mechanic: Instead of traditional paylines, Santa’s Wonderland uses the popular Cluster Pay mechanic. Land clusters of five or more matching symbols horizontally or vertically to trigger wins. The bigger the cluster, the merrier the rewards!

  2. Snowflake Bonuses: On each spin, five colored snowflakes appear beneath the regular symbols. When a winning combination lands on a snowflake, it triggers a special feature:

    • Blue Snowflake: Clears all symbols and refreshes the grid.
    • Purple Snowflake: Turns matching symbols into Santa Wilds.
    • Yellow Snowflake: Converts sets of 4 symbols into a 2x2 block.
    • Red Snowflake: Provides 3x3 blocks of one symbol.
    • Green Snowflake: Grants the lucky Santa Bonus, adding up to 20 Wilds to the reels.

Playing on Mobile

Santa has embraced modern technology! You can enjoy Santa’s Wonderland on your phone or tablet. The game adapts seamlessly to smaller screens, retaining all its features and bonuses.

Why Play Santa’s Wonderland?

  • Festive Atmosphere: Immerse yourself in the holiday spirit with charming Christmas visuals.
  • Unique Gameplay: The Cluster Pay system adds excitement and encourages bigger clusters.
  • Generous Bonuses: Snowflake features keep surprises coming, making every spin merry.

Santa's Wonderland: Slot Verdict

You know who's got a lot on his plate when it comes to worrying about the population boom? Santa Claus, that's who. Back in 1800, we hit a billion people worldwide, and now, just 200 years later, we're at a whopping 7 billion. If this trend keeps up, how's Santa supposed to fit all those presents in his sack? And finding time to visit everyone? That's a whole other challenge. Maybe he's got one of those magical sacks from the movies, you know, like Hermione's enchanted bag from Harry Potter, where it looks small but can hold basically anything?

Putting aside the fantasy stuff, Pragmatic Play made a smart choice by setting up Santa's Wonderland based on Gems Bonanza. It's not often you see Christmas games built around grid slots with cluster pays, so having another option like this on Christmas Day could be a nice surprise. Plus, Santa's Wonderland is pretty fun, especially with its bonus game that ramps up the excitement as you rack up wins.

But here's the rub with Santa's Wonderland: the changes they made don't exactly scream "Christmas spirit." They've lowered the value of symbols, made it harder to trigger features by requiring more winning symbols, reduced the Return to Player (RTP) rate, and capped the potential win at 7,500x instead of the 10,000x in Gems Bonanza. Put it all together, and it feels a bit like something Scrooge would do—before he had his change of heart.

Sure, Santa's Wonderland is based on an existing game, but let's be real, Gems Bonanza wasn't breaking new ground either. It followed the same formula as other games, like those from Play'n GO, where you collect winning symbols to activate features. Despite that, Santa's Wonderland is still a solid grid slot game that delivers some jolly entertainment with a festive twist.

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96.23 %
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28 Nov 2021
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