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Reel Banks: Slot Overview

Among Pragmatic Play's diverse array of themes, one that occasionally surfaces is the banking industry. It's not uncommon for software providers to incorporate finance, money, and bank vaults into their games. In Pragmatic Play's lineup, you'll find similarly themed titles like Cash Bonanza, Empty the Bank, and Piggy Bank Bills. So, Reel Banks finds itself in good company thematically. On the gameplay side, Reel Banks offers a bonus round that should excite players who enjoy accumulating cash symbols and receiving money pot awards.

In Reel Banks, the base game is set in an opulent bank environment. With its grand architecture, towering columns, and massive doors, it resembles walking into a vault at a prestigious bank or an above-ground version of Gringotts. Symbols of wealth adorn the surroundings, from boxes of bullion and bills in the background to coins, bullions, and bills on the game grid itself. Wealth is a common theme in online slots, and Pragmatic Play adds another cash-centric option to the genre. While it may not seem particularly groundbreaking at first glance, Reel Banks offers an experience that fans of the studio should appreciate.

Playable on all devices, it's worth noting that Reel Banks comes with three different RTP settings, depending on the market. The highest RTP setting sits at 96.04%, while the others drop to 95.01% or 94.02%. The volatility is high, earning a rating of 4.5 out of 5 from the studio. To start playing, players select a stake ranging from 25 p/c to €/€100 per spin, or they can opt to buy free spins directly into the bonus round for 80x the bet. The RTP remains the same whether playing in regular mode or using the buy feature.

The game unfolds on a 5-reel, 4-row grid, featuring 25 paylines for landing regular line wins. Winning combinations range from three to five of a kind, with payouts varying. For instance, five-of-a-kind hits can pay 1.6 to 2 times the stake for low-paying symbols like diamonds, hearts, clubs, or spades, increasing to 6 to 16 times the bet for symbols like 'sevens', purses, bundles of bills, gold bars, or diamond inspectors. Wild symbols are also present on all reels, substituting for regular pay symbols and offering wins of up to 16x the bet for five-of-a-kind combinations.

Reel Banks: Slot Features

At the core of Reel Banks are its Money symbols, which play crucial roles in both the base game's Money Collect feature and the Free Spins feature.

Money Collect Feature

Money symbols come with cash values ranging from 1x to 500x the total bet. Completing this feature requires the presence of the Collect symbol, which appears exclusively on the rightmost reel. When a Money symbol lands on the grid simultaneously with one or more Collect symbols on reels 1-4, the combined value of all Money symbols on the screen is awarded.

Free Spins Feature

Triggering the Free Spins feature requires Money symbols to land on all five reels, granting 9 free spins. During this bonus round, a container known as the reel bank is placed above each reel. At the start of the round, the Money symbols that triggered the feature contribute their values to the respective reel banks. As the round progresses, any new Money symbols that land also add their values to their specific reel banks. Additionally, special symbols with unique abilities may appear:

  • Reel Collect: Awards the value of the reel bank above it.
  • All Collect: Awards the values of all reel banks.
  • Add Money to All Banks: Adds a value ranging from 1x to 500x the bet to all reel banks.
  • Multiply Reel: Multiplies the reel bank above it by x2, x3, x4, or x5.
  • Multiply All Reels: Multiplies all reel banks by x2, x3, x4, or x5.
  • Add 3 Spins: Awards three additional free spins.

Comparison with Other Games

Aspect Reel Banks (Pragmatic Play) Other Games (Various Providers)
Theme Banking and wealth Varies (e.g., ancient Egypt, fantasy, adventure)
Base Game Setting Fancy bank with vault-like atmosphere Diverse settings (e.g., forests, pyramids, oceans)
Symbols Coins, bullions, bills, gold bars, diamonds Varies (e.g., fruits, mythological creatures, gems)
Wild Symbol Substitutes for regular pay symbols Common feature in most slots
Money Symbols Cash values (1x to 500x the bet) Unique to certain games
Free Spins Triggered by Money symbols on all reels Different triggers (e.g., scatters, bonus symbols)

Reel Banks: A Glimpse into the Vault

1. Visual Design

“Reel Banks” immerses players in the heart of a luxurious bank vault. The design cleverly captures the opulence associated with wealth and banking. Here are the key visual elements:

  • Vault Setting: The game grid appears as though it’s nestled within the vault’s secure walls. The reels themselves are a rich shade of green, adorned with symbols outlined in gold.
  • Subtle Details: The outer rim of the grid features silver accents, reminiscent of vault doors. Little vault wheels in each corner add a touch of authenticity.

2. Gameplay Mechanics

  • Grid Structure: “Reel Banks” follows the standard 5x3 grid format, with 25 active paylines. This familiar layout ensures ease of play for both novices and experienced players.
  • Betting Range: Players can wager anywhere from a minimum of €0.25 to a maximum of €125 per spin. The flexible betting range accommodates various budgets.
  • Autoplay Feature: For those who prefer a more hands-off approach, the game offers an Autoplay feature. Sit back and watch the gold-themed symbols spin.

3. Unique Features

  • Money Symbols: Keep an eye out for these special symbols, each carrying a specific cash value (ranging from 1x to 500x the total bet).
  • Collector Symbol: When a Collector Symbol lands on the fifth reel alongside Money Symbols, it collects them and instantly pays out. It can accumulate multiple Money Symbols simultaneously.
  • Bonus Spins Round: Triggered by landing a Money Symbol on each of the five reels, this round awards nine free spins. During the Bonus Spins, a collection pot is added above each reel, enhancing the excitement.

Reel Banks: Slot Verdict

  • Pragmatic Play has a talent for crafting slots centered around collecting Money symbols, with several titles already in its repertoire. While not identical, Reel Banks feels like it belongs to the same family as games such as Treasure Wild and Black Bull.
  • However, Reel Banks brings an added level of sophistication compared to its predecessors, though its gameplay may feel somewhat familiar, almost like a reskin of something you've played before. It may borrow elements from other games, but the originality of its concept may linger just beyond conscious thought, akin to the remnants of a dream after waking.

In Reel Banks, the gameplay is easier to recall, featuring a classic collect mechanic in the base game where Money symbols are awarded whenever they appear alongside a Collect symbol. Things ramp up during the free spins bonus round, offering a similar experience to its predecessors. While it may not introduce blazing lights of extreme novelty, Reel Banks still manages to provide entertaining gameplay overall. Comparisons to Black Bull may arise regarding excitement levels, with Reel Banks possibly offering a similar level of thrill but through a different approach. However, Reel Banks does boast higher potential wins of up to 5,000x the bet, albeit with a lower RTP and a pricier bonus buy option. It's a give-and-take situation.

In summary, players seeking a slot with a Money symbol collection mechanic and a relatively sophisticated bonus round may find Reel Banks to their liking. While it may not revolutionize the genre, Reel Banks carries the signature glossy appeal of Pragmatic Play games, which should make it appealing to its target audience.

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4 Dec 2022
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