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Loki's Riches is a grid slot game from the prolific studio Pragmatic Play, known for churning out games like a politician makes promises during election season. Drawing on mythology, a subject they've tackled adeptly before, Pragmatic Play brings us a game centered around one of Norse mythology's most intriguing characters – Loki. Thanks in part to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and actor Tom Hiddleston's portrayal, Loki has experienced a resurgence in popularity. In Loki's Riches, the character design takes cues from Marvel's interpretation, complete with the iconic gold-horned helm and striking green and gold attire.

But let's talk mechanics. One standout feature here is the special expanding symbol, which pairs with tumble mechanics, free spins, an ante bet option, and a bonus buy feature.

The game's atmosphere is enhanced by a soothing symphonic soundtrack, setting the stage in a rocky, Northern Lights-lit setting. In the midst of it all sits the mischievous Loki, wielding his staff or spear, with a look that suggests he's ready to either reward or thwart players as the mood strikes. Trigger the free spins feature, and the serene green lighting transforms into a dramatic scene filled with red lava and flashing lightning, capturing the mercurial nature of the "trickster god."

In Loki's Riches, the game board is a 7x7 grid where wins occur when you land at least 5 identical symbols connected either vertically or horizontally. To join the action, players pick their stake, ranging from 20 cents to $/€240 for each symbol drop. You also have the option to buy free spins, although there's no ante-bet feature this time around. This game is high volatility, with a default theoretical RTP of 96.04% in normal play, or 96.01% when purchasing free spins.

The tumble feature kicks in after winning symbols are removed from the grid, dropping new symbols into place. This gives you another shot at winning, and as long as new wins keep appearing, the tumble feature will keep on tumbling. There are nine regular paying symbols in Loki's Riches, including five stones inscribed with runes as the low-paying symbols, followed by a round object, a hammer, a ring, and a golden Loki symbol as the high-paying ones. Matching clusters of 5 symbols award anywhere from 0.1 to 2 times the bet, while a cluster of 25 or more symbols can pay out between 50 to 10,000 times the bet. Unlike some games, Loki's Riches doesn't offer wild symbols to help you out. It's all about the luck of the draw!

Loki's Riches: Slot Features

In terms of features, Loki's Riches keeps it simple but exciting with tumbles, special expanding symbols, free spins, and the option to buy free spins.

Special Expanding Symbol

During the base game, a random pay symbol may be chosen as the special expanding symbol. Unlike other symbols, this one doesn't explode during tumbles. Instead, after all tumbles have finished, it expands into a 2x2 group of the same symbol. The direction of expansion depends on the symbol's position on the reels. If it's in certain positions, it expands in specific directions. If multiple expanding symbols overlap, they're treated as one instance of the symbol.

Free Spins

Land 4 or more scatter symbols during the base game to trigger 10 free spins. Before the free spins start, one pay symbol is randomly selected as the special expanding symbol for the entire round. If you manage to land 4 or more scatter symbols during the free spins, you'll get an extra 10 free spins.

Buy Free Spins

If you're feeling impatient, you have the option to buy the free spins round directly from the base game for 100 times your bet. When you buy the round, you'll automatically trigger the free spins feature with 4 or more scatter symbols landing randomly.

Comparison with Other Games

Feature Loki’s Riches Book of Ra Age of the Gods Dungeons & Dragons
Theme Norse Mythology Ancient Egypt Greek Mythology Fantasy World
Graphics High-quality, detailed Sharp and colorful Cartoony and vibrant Realistic and immersive
Gameplay Slot machine with bonus Puzzle-solving Role-playing adventure Strategy and combat
Bonus Rounds Free spins, multipliers Hidden object challenges Boss battles Resource management
RTP (Return to Player) ~95% ~97% ~94% ~96%
Paylines Variable, 20-50 lines Fixed, 25 lines Variable, 30-40 lines Variable, 40-60 lines
Mobile Support Yes, optimized Yes, responsive Yes, adaptable Yes, optimized
Jackpot Feature Progressive Fixed Random Progressive
In-game Currency Coins or gems Gold or tokens Drachmas or gems Gold or crystals
Community Active player base Limited interaction Forums and guilds Multiplayer matches

Loki’s Riches: Game Design 

The Mythical Trickster

Loki, the mischievous Norse god, takes center stage in this slot. Known for his cunning and unpredictable nature, Loki has seen a resurgence in popular culture, thanks in part to the Marvel Cinematic Universe portrayal by actor Tom Hiddleston. In “Loki’s Riches,” Pragmatic Play brings this intriguing character to life.

Visuals and Setting

The game’s backdrop features a glowing, Northern Lights-bathed rocky landscape. Loki himself stands to the right, staff/spear in hand, ready to reward or deny players as the mood strikes. The visual design captures the essence of Norse mythology, with a touch of mystery and magic.

Loki's Riches: Slot Verdict

Was anyone else expecting more tricks from a slot called Loki's Riches? Whilst there are no major complaints about what is to be found here, Loki's Riches did feel a little light on extra features - exacerbated by the fact this is a cluster paying grid slot, which often comes drenched in symbol collects, power-ups, charges, meters, modifiers, and so on. Loki's Riches is a rather Spartan game, by comparison, relying on the core gaming mechanics plus the special expanding symbol to get the job done.

With 10,000x the bet as its win cap, the job Loki's Riches can perform isn't exactly a shabby one from a numerical perspective. It would appear that one of the main goals, if not the main goal, in this slot is to either land a ton of golden Loki symbols or land enough of them when they've been selected to be the special expanding symbol so players end up with 25 or more golden Lokis on the screen at once. Do that, and the top prize is yours. A lot is riding on the one feature's shoulders, though, meaning the base game might end up becoming a tad emptily repetitive since no other features complement the tumble/cluster combo other than the expanding symbol one.

As such, Loki's Riches wasn't Pragmatic Play's most exciting release, creating the impression it could've been better. The presentation is pretty neat, and the stats and the features it does have are tough to criticize, but ultimately, Loki's Riches came across as lacking a little something extra that might have knocked it further out of the park.

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24 Jan 2024
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