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Hot Pepper: Slot Overview

Looking through Pragmatic Play's extensive collection of slot games, it's clear that the studio isn't afraid to explore a wide range of themes. One theme they've revisited multiple times is Central American culture, known for its vibrant and diverse elements. Delving deeper into this rich culture, the studio has shown a particular affinity for spicy culinary ingredients, as evident in games like Chilli Heat and its spicier sequel, Chilli Heat Megaways. Once again, Pragmatic Play turns up the heat as it ventures into the fiery world of Hot Pepper.

Describing Hot Pepper, it's a grid slot where you win by forming clusters, played on a 7x7 grid set in a sandy desert landscape in one of the hottest and driest regions on Earth. The game grid, framed with wood, is surrounded by desert flora, cacti, a lizard, rugged cliffs, and vast cloudy skies, evoking the feeling of a desert breeze blowing dust through the air. The lively soundtrack and the cheerful character sporting a sombrero on the reels add a touch of vibrancy to the scene. Pragmatic Play has previously set several similar-themed slots in a town, so this change of scenery comes with a shift in gameplay mechanics as well.

To get started with the spicy action, players can choose a stake ranging from 20 p/c to $/€100 per round. The game is compatible with any device, and it offers two different RTP (Return to Player) settings: 96.45% or a slightly lower value of 95.02%. Opting for the higher RTP version boosts the return value to 96.79% when purchasing free spins, but keep in mind that the volatility is rated as high, with a score of 5 out of 5.

Pressing the play button drops 49 symbols onto the grid. You form a winning cluster when at least five matching symbols land next to each other either vertically or horizontally. There are seven types of symbols, starting from the lowest paying clubs and hearts, then moving up to spades, limes, tacos, piñatas, and the cheerful character wearing a hat. Clusters of five symbols pay out 0.1 to 1 times the bet, while larger clusters with 15 or more matching symbols can award 10 to 50 times the stake. Additionally, there are wild symbols and scatter symbols, which I'll explain next.

Hot Pepper: Slot Features

Understanding how Hot Pepper works begins with its tumble wins feature. When you score a winning cluster, the symbols making up the cluster explode from the grid. The gaps left behind are filled by symbols falling down from above, and as part of the Random Wild Multiplier feature, a chili symbol is placed in one of the empty spaces.

Let's talk about Wild Multipliers next. Chili symbols act as wilds, meaning they can substitute for any other symbol except the scatter. Each chili symbol is assigned a random level from 1 to 5, determining the multiplier it carries. Here's how the multipliers progress:

  • Level 1: Multipliers of x1, x2, x4, or x8 for winning clusters of 5-6, 7-8, 9-10, and 11+ symbols respectively.
  • Level 2: Multipliers of x2, x4, x8, or x16.
  • Level 3: Multipliers of x4, x8, x16, or x32.
  • Level 4: Multipliers of x8, x16, x32, or x64.
  • Level 5: Multipliers of x16, x32, x64, or x128.

These multipliers are applied to any win involving the chili wilds. If there's more than one wild in a cluster, their values are added together first. In the base game, the level progress resets at the end of each spin.

Now, onto Free Spins. Landing 3 scatter symbols in a tumble sequence triggers 12 free spins. During these free spins, wilds generated by cluster wins are always at level 5 for the entire bonus round. You can extend the round by another 5 free spins if you land 3 scatter symbols in a tumble sequence again. Additionally, players can opt to buy free spins if the feature is available, costing them 100 times the total bet.

Comparison with Other Games

Aspect Hot Pepper (Pragmatic Play) Other Games (Various Providers)
Theme Mexican fiesta Varies (e.g., fruits, ancient civilizations, fantasy)
Game Grid 7×7 cluster pays Different grid sizes and payline structures
Wild Multipliers Chili wilds with random values Common feature, but Hot Pepper’s level-up system is unique
Max Win Up to 10,000x the stake Varies (some games offer progressive jackpots)

What Sets “Hot Pepper” Apart?

  • Wild Multiplier Level-Up: Unlike most slots, “Hot Pepper” lets you level up the wild multiplier. The more Wilds you collect, the hotter your payouts become.
  • Spicy Potential: With a max win of 10,000x the stake, “Hot Pepper” tempts players with fiery rewards.

Game Design for “Hot Pepper”

“Hot Pepper” is an exciting new game concept that combines the thrill of culinary adventures with the heat of fiery peppers. In this blog post, we’ll dive into the intricacies of designing this unique game, from mechanics to aesthetics.

1. Concept and Vision

Before anything else, we need a clear vision for “Hot Pepper.” What kind of game are we creating? Is it a fast-paced cooking simulator or an epic quest to find the rarest chili pepper? Define the core experience and set the tone.

2. Mechanics and Gameplay

  • Cooking Challenges: Players take on the role of a daring chef who must create mouthwatering dishes using various peppers. The catch? The spicier the pepper, the more points it earns.
  • Pepper Collection: Explore different regions to discover exotic peppers. Each pepper has unique properties—some boost speed, while others enhance flavor.
  • Heat Meter: Manage the heat level in your dishes. Too mild, and customers won’t be impressed; too spicy, and they might burst into flames (figuratively).

3. Art and Aesthetics

  • Vibrant Palette: Use warm colors—reds, oranges, yellows—to evoke the fiery theme. Pepper-shaped UI elements add a playful touch.
  • Character Design: Our chef protagonist should wear a pepper-themed apron and wield a spatula like a sword.
  • Environments: Design bustling kitchens, bustling markets, and mysterious pepper farms.

4. Level Design

  • Pepper Quests: Each level focuses on a specific pepper type. For instance, the “Ghost Pepper Gauntlet” challenges players to survive a spicy obstacle course.
  • Unlockable Areas: As players progress, unlock new regions with rare peppers. Maybe there’s a secret volcano Pepper Island?

5. Soundtrack and Audio

  • Sizzling Sounds: When cooking, hear the sizzle of peppers hitting the pan.
  • Spicy Beats: Pump up the adrenaline during intense pepper battles.

6. Monetization

  • Pepper Packs: Offer in-game purchases for exclusive pepper varieties.
  • Chef Skins: Let players dress their chef in pepper-themed outfits.

Hot Pepper: Slot Verdict

On the Scoville Scale, which measures the spiciness of chili peppers, Hot Pepper would likely score quite decently. While it's not the most intense grid slot out there, Hot Pepper has a few tricks up its sleeve to tantalize your taste buds. The theme is executed with flair, and while Hot Pepper is relatively straightforward, it's not necessarily a bad thing. It has the elements to come together and create an engaging experience.

  • However, much like bravely munching on a highly spiced pepper for kicks, there's a chance Hot Pepper might give you a bit of a kickback. During testing, it could sometimes be challenging to gain momentum, whether in the bonus round or outside of it.
  • One reason might be that you need to win at least twice in a row to make real progress. The first win sets up the wild multiplier, and the second lets you put it to use, if possible. This is all part of its high volatility nature.
  • Some tumble sequences may fizzle out, while others linger like a burning sensation in your throat after a too-spicy pepper. The game can tease you with the possibility of big wins, like landing an x128 multiplier, only to disappoint by not delivering anything useful nearby. But there's also the chance for symbols to align perfectly, potentially leading to wins up to 10,000 times the bet, which is Hot Pepper's win cap.

If you've played Fruit Party 2, you might find Hot Pepper's gameplay quite similar; the games feel closely related. Despite its busy release schedule, Pragmatic Play is adept at taking a solid idea, pairing it with an attractive theme, and releasing it into the gaming world. While this approach might not always result in groundbreaking experiences, in the case of Hot Pepper, it yields a satisfying game with more positives than negatives.

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7 Dec 2022
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