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Gods of Giza: Slot Overview

To kick off this review, let's start with a broad generalization, just for the sake of discussion. Imagine people can roughly fall into two camps on an experimental spectrum. On one end, there are those who never visit the same place twice, and on the other, those who quickly find a preferred spot and stick with it indefinitely. This could be a favorite restaurant, a cozy corner of the couch, or, in the world of online slots, a beloved destination. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the realm of Ancient Egypt, a theme that reemerges time and time again. This time, it's Pragmatic Play taking us on a journey to the land of palms and pyramids with their online slot titled "Gods of Giza."

In Gods of Giza, players find themselves in a tomb-looter's paradise—a stone chamber illuminated by flickering braziers and overflowing with treasure. It's a scene straight out of an adventurer's dream, complete with a stern statue, intricate stonework, and an abundance of thematic details. At the heart of it all is a 5x5 grid, adorned with 25 vibrant, gem-laden symbols that cascade into place with each spin. Betting options cater to various preferences, ranging from a modest 20 pence/cents to a more daring $/€100 per spin, playable on any device. With a high volatility rating, the game offers a maximum RTP of 96.01%, although players should note the availability of lower configurations. Fortunately, all pertinent statistical information is clearly outlined in the paytable.

Icons on the reels feature a mix of dazzling gems and classic Egyptian imagery. From lowest to highest value, symbols include blue, green, and purple gems, as well as depictions of a green dog and a purple falcon. Achieving a full line of five matching symbols can yield rewards ranging from 2x to 20x the initial bet. Wild symbols, which can appear on any reel, serve as substitutes for regular symbols and can create their own winning combinations, offering payouts of up to 25 times the bet for a line of five.

Gods of Giza: Slot Features

In Gods of Giza, the gameplay is enhanced by several engaging features, including the Tumble feature, Depleting Wilds, and Free Spins.

Tumble Feature

  • When a winning combination forms, the Tumble feature removes the winning symbols from the reels.
  • After removal, a wild symbol appears in a random empty position for each winning combination without a wild.
  • New symbols then tumble down from above to fill the empty spaces, potentially creating new winning combinations.
  • The Tumble feature continues as long as new winning combinations are formed.

Depleting Wilds

  •    Wild symbols serve as substitutes for regular symbols and remain on the reels for 2 tumbles.
  • Additionally, wilds may have multipliers of x2, x3, x5, x7, or x10, which are applied to any wins they contribute to.

Free Spins

  •  Landing 3 scatter symbols triggers 10 free spins, with each additional scatter awarding 5 extra free spins.
  •  During free spins, at least one wild symbol is guaranteed to appear following the first spin, even if no wins occur.
  • Wild symbols remain on the reels for 5 winning tumbles during free spins.
  • Landing 3 scatter symbols during the free spins round awards an additional 5 free spins.

Players also have the option to buy the free spins feature for 100 times the bet, guaranteeing the appearance of 3, 4, or 5 scatter symbols to trigger the feature. Overall, these features add excitement and winning potential to the gameplay experience in Gods of Giza.

Comparison with Other Games

Aspect Gods of Giza Comparison with Other Games
Theme Ancient Egypt, pyramids, and treasure Similar to other Egyptian-themed slots, but with its unique twist on the tomb exploration theme.
Grid 5x5 arrangement with 25 symbols per spin Larger grid than many traditional slots, providing more ways to win.
Volatility Highly volatile Offers high-risk, high-reward gameplay.
RTP (Return to Player) 96.01% (varies with different models) Around average RTP for online slots.
Maximum Win Up to 5,000x the player’s stake Competitive maximum win potential.
Tumble Feature Removes winning symbols and adds wilds in empty positions Unique mechanic that keeps the game dynamic and engaging.
Wild Symbols Replace regular symbols and stay on the screen for 2 tumbles with possible multipliers (x2, x3, x5, x7, or x10) Enhances winning potential and adds excitement.
Pay Symbols Gems and classic Egyptian icons Familiar symbols, but the game’s presentation sets it apart.
Atmosphere Set in a tomb looter’s dream with flaming braziers and loads of treasure Immersive environment that captures the allure of ancient Egypt.
Unique Selling Point The Tumble feature and wild multipliers The combination of these features makes Gods of Giza stand out among other slots.

Gods of Giza takes players on an adventure to explore an Egyptian tomb filled with riches. Its innovative Tumble feature keeps the gameplay fresh, while the wild multipliers add an extra layer of excitement.

Game Design: “Gods of Giza”

“Gods of Giza,” developed by Pragmatic Play, invites players to explore the mystical world of ancient Egypt. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the game’s design elements, from visuals to mechanics, and uncover what sets it apart in the crowded Egyptian-themed slot genre.

  • Visual Aesthetics: The game’s backdrop is a mesmerizing Egyptian temple bathed in golden hues. Against the setting sun, intricate hieroglyphics adorn the walls, creating an immersive atmosphere. The reels themselves are encased in ornate columns, transporting players to a time when gods and pharaohs ruled the Nile.
  • Reel Mechanics: “Gods of Giza” features a unique 4x4 grid layout with 20 fixed paylines. The twist lies in the rotating reels—after each win, the symbols tumble, revealing new combinations. This cascading mechanic adds dynamism and anticipation, keeping players engaged.
  • Symbolism and Characters: The reels showcase classic Egyptian symbols: scarabs, ankh crosses, and falcons. The gods Osiris, Anubis, and Bastet make appearances, their detailed designs capturing the mystique of ancient mythology. The game pays homage to the rich iconography of Egypt.
  • Volatility and Payouts: With high volatility, “Gods of Giza” offers thrilling highs and suspenseful lows. Wins may be infrequent, but when they occur, they can be substantial. The maximum win potential of €500,000 beckons players to seek favor from the divine pantheon.
  • Unlockable Features: The game’s bonus features revolve around Wild symbols. Cascading wins trigger Tumbles, and if a winning combination lacks a Wild, one is added during the symbol removal. The temple’s inner sanctum holds secrets, waiting to be revealed.
  • Audio Design: The soundtrack blends haunting Egyptian melodies with the rustling of papyrus scrolls. The distant echoes of temple rituals and the occasional whisper of gods add to the game’s mysticism. Pragmatic Play has crafted an auditory journey through time.
  • Mobile Experience: “Gods of Giza” seamlessly transitions to mobile devices, maintaining its visual splendor and gameplay mechanics. Whether on a tablet or smartphone, players can explore ancient Egypt’s secrets wherever they go.

Gods of Giza: Slot Verdict

In reflecting on the experience of playing Gods of Giza, there's a sense of familiarity mixed with a hint of fatigue when it comes to the theme of Ancient Egypt in the world of online slots. While there's certainly nothing inherently wrong with using this popular theme, it can sometimes feel like a well-worn path that lacks the excitement of exploration.

  • Gods of Giza fits neatly into this category, offering a visually appealing journey to the land of pyramids and pharaohs, but without much in the way of innovation or surprise. The game's features, while solid, feel somewhat formulaic and fail to ignite the same level of excitement found in more creatively designed slots.
  • That being said, players who enjoy games with mechanics reminiscent of titles like Moon Princess may find something to appreciate in Gods of Giza. Additionally, the potential for a maximum win of 5,000x the bet adds a layer of excitement for those seeking big payouts.

Ultimately, Gods of Giza delivers a competent gaming experience set against the backdrop of Ancient Egypt, but it may not leave a lasting impression or stand out among the crowded field of similarly themed slots.

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96.01 %
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5 Apr 2023
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