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Fire Stampede: Slot Overview

Fire Stampede brings the flaming bison theme to life with its captivating visuals and fiery atmosphere. Developed by Pragmatic Play and Wild Streak Gaming, this slot introduces the Connect & Collect mechanic, adding a fresh twist to the gameplay experience. While similar to its predecessor Firebird Spirit, Fire Stampede offers a new setting with buffaloes and prairies, providing players with a different backdrop to enjoy.

The North American buffalo theme is a popular choice among slot enthusiasts, and Fire Stampede brings a unique twist by featuring flaming bison symbols. Set against a backdrop of rocky hills and desert landscapes, the game immerses players in a wild and adventurous environment. The layout remains consistent with Firebird Spirit, featuring three prize values, including the enticing Grand prize of 4,000x the bet.

Overall, Fire Stampede offers an exciting and visually stunning gaming experience, combining innovative features with engaging gameplay. Whether you're a fan of buffalo-themed slots or enjoy immersive visuals and dynamic mechanics, Fire Stampede is sure to provide thrills and excitement.

In Fire Stampede, players can place bets ranging from 20 cents to $/€240 per spin, offering a wide range to suit different preferences and budgets. The game features a highly volatile math model with a default RTP of 96%, which increases slightly to 96.1% when utilizing the feature buy option. With its intense volatility, players can anticipate thrilling gameplay and the potential for significant wins.

The game grid in Fire Stampede consists of 6 reels, with the rightmost reel exclusively featuring special prize symbols, and reel 3 containing special symbols on the top and bottom positions. This unique layout creates a 5-5-3-5-5 formation, offering 1,875 ways to win

Symbols in the game include traditional 9 to A card ranks, as well as thematic icons such as cacti, an eagle, gold, and a bison. These symbols offer varying payouts, with the bison being the highest-paying symbol, awarding up to 5 times the bet for a combination of five matching symbols. Additionally, wild symbols appear on all reels during both the base game and free spins, serving as substitutes for all symbols except the Connect & Collect symbols.

Overall, Fire Stampede provides players with an exhilarating gaming experience, complete with immersive visuals, dynamic gameplay, and the potential for lucrative rewards.

Fire Stampede: Slot Features

In Fire Stampede, the Connect & Collect mechanic plays a central role in triggering various bonus features and rewards. These special symbols appear on any non-special position on reels 1 to 5, and when they land from left to right in a connected chain, either horizontally or vertically, until reaching one of the special positions on reels 3 or 6, they trigger different prizes or features.

Here's how the Connect & Collect mechanic works:

1. Respins: Triggered by the Respins symbol on reel 3. It awards 5 respins during which all Connect & Collect symbols from the triggering spin remain in place, and other positions on reels 1, 2, 4, and 5 respin. Any additional Connect & Collect symbols that land during the respins also remain in place until no more respins are left.

2. Money Value: Landing a chain of Connect & Collect symbols on the Money Value position awards a prize value ranging from 2x to 800x the bet.

3. Add Wilds: Landing a chain of Connect & Collect symbols on the Add Wilds position adds wild symbols to random positions on reels 2, 3, 4, or 5.

4. Free Spins: Landing a chain of Connect & Collect symbols on the Free Spins position awards 7, 10, 15, 20, or 25 free spins, along with a payout of 2x the bet.

5. Minor, Major, and Grand Awards: These special positions award fixed prizes of 25x, 200x, or 4,000x the bet, respectively.

Additionally, Fire Stampede offers free spins rounds triggered by either reaching a Free Spins symbol with Connect & Collects or landing 3, 4, or 5 scatter symbols. In free spins, the Connect & Collect feature remains active, and reaching free spins symbols during the round awards additional free spins.

Players also have the option to buy the free spins round for 100x the bet, ensuring that the triggering spin includes enough Connect & Collect symbols to reach the special positions on reel 3 and at least one position on reel 6, which contains only free spins symbols during the triggering spin.

Comparison with Other Games

Feature Fire Stampede Inferno Run Flame Fury Blaze Charge
Graphics 3D, realistic 2D, cartoonish 3D, stylized 2D, pixel art
Gameplay Endless runner Endless runner Endless runner Endless runner
Setting Wildfire escape Volcanic eruption escape Dragon-infested landscape Forest fire escape
Characters Firefighters, animals Various characters Fire-breathing creatures Forest creatures, firefighters
Power-ups Water hoses, helicopters Shields, speed boosts Fire extinguishers Speed boosts, fire retardants
Obstacles Burning debris, flames Lava pits, falling rocks Fire-spitting dragons Falling branches, flames
Difficulty Increases gradually Moderate difficulty Challenging Easy to moderate
Platforms Mobile, PC Mobile, PC Mobile Mobile
Replayability High Moderate Moderate Moderate
User Ratings 4.6/5 (App Store) 4.2/5 (Google Play) 3.9/5 (App Store) 4.0/5 (Google Play)

Game Design: Fire Stampede

The Visual Spectacle: Flaming Bison and Rocky Hills

  • Fire Stampede immediately grabs attention with its bold visuals. The game showcases a rampaging bison, all aflame, dominating the left side of the screen.
  • The backdrop features rocky hills, desert expanses, and a sense of untamed wilderness. The fiery theme is evident, promising an intense gaming experience.

Connect & Collect Mechanic

  • Fire Stampede introduces the Connect & Collect mechanic, adding a unique twist to the gameplay.
  • Connect & Collect symbols appear on reels 1 to 5. When these symbols land from left to right, either horizontally or vertically, they trigger special prizes.
  • The game grid consists of 6 reels, with the rightmost reel containing special prize symbols only. Reel 3 has special symbols on the top and bottom positions.
  • Regular symbols form a 5-5-3-5-5 layout, resulting in 1,875 ways to win.

Multiplier Spots

  • As winning symbols are removed, they highlight their positions on the grid.
  • The second time a symbol is removed from the same spot, a multiplier of x2 is added to it. The multiplier doubles with each subsequent removal, up to a maximum of x128.
  • These multipliers apply to all winning combinations that land on top of them.

No Wild Symbol, Just the Bison

  • Regular symbols include card ranks, cacti, eagles, gold, and the mighty bison.
  • Wilds appear on all reels, substituting for other symbols except the Connect & Collect.

The Roaring Soundtrack

  • The game’s soundtrack adds to the intensity, capturing the spirit of a stampede.
  • Imagine the ground trembling as the flaming bison charges across the screen.

Fire Stampede: Slot Verdict

It seems like Fire Stampede didn't quite hit the mark for you, especially considering its similarities to Firebird Spirit and the lack of significant innovations in its gameplay features. While the Connect & Collect mechanic may have felt fresh for those who hadn't encountered it in Firebird Spirit, its reappearance in Fire Stampede didn't offer much novelty, particularly since it remained largely unchanged.

The theme of flaming buffaloes also didn't add much excitement, especially considering the abundance of similar themes in the slot gaming world. The additional features, such as the respins and free spins, didn't seem to provide enough excitement to enhance the overall gameplay experience.

The Random Grand Award, while potentially lucrative, may have felt a bit out of place or arbitrary, especially considering its random nature.

Overall, it sounds like Fire Stampede didn't manage to capture your interest or offer enough to distinguish itself from its predecessor or other similar slots in the market.

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96 %
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10 Dec 2023
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