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Drill That Gold: Slot Overview

Let's gear up and head underground for a bit of ore extraction-themed gambling with Drill That Gold, brought to you by software provider Pragmatic Play. If that introduction sounded a bit complicated, what we're trying to say is, here's a game for fans of gold mining slots to dig into. And given the popularity of this genre, there's always a steady stream of new mining-themed games hitting the shelves. Venturing into such a well-trodden territory isn't a bad thing, as long as the slot offers something unique to set it apart from the rest. So, does Drill That Gold deliver?

Well, not quite right from the start, as the initial view might seem pretty standard. You'll see a miner on the right, with nuggets of gold behind him, and a 5x3 game panel framed with wooden planks in the center. However, there are some more interesting mechanical objects in view, like an intriguing contraption on top of the reels. So, let's hold off on passing judgment too quickly. For now, let's just say that Drill That Gold teeters on the edge between being intriguing and feeling a bit worn out.

Before we delve into the features, let's take a quick look at the mechanics behind Drill That Gold. First off, the volatility of the game has been set to high, which means you can expect some thrilling moments. As for the RTP (Return to Player), there are two levels to consider. When betting at regular stakes, which range from 20 pence/cents to $/€125 per spin, the RTP stands at 96.49%. Interestingly, activating the Ante Bet Option, which increases the stake by 25%, lowers the RTP slightly to 96.45%.

Now, onto the gameplay. Drill That Gold features ten pay symbols and 20 fixed paylines to form winning combinations. At the lower end of the payout scale are the 10 through Ace card rank tiles, which pay out between 0.8 to 2 times the bet for landing five on a payline. This increases to 3.2 to 10 times the bet for a line of five. Completing the lineup of regular symbols is the wild symbol, which appears on all reels and can substitute for any other symbol except the bonus.

Drill That Gold: Slot Features

Drills play a central role in Drill That Gold's array of features, including the Drill Feature, Spin Modifiers, Gold Spins, and the Ante Bet option.

Drill Feature

When a stack of miners appears, it transforms into a silver drilling symbol. This symbol expands upward and turns wild, potentially revealing a cash prize of up to 100 times the bet.

Spin Modifiers

On any non-winning spin, there's a chance a modifier kicks in to turn the spin into a win worth at least 10 times the bet. Alternatively, it might generate enough bonus symbols to trigger the Gold Spins bonus round.

Gold Spins Feature

This bonus round is triggered when 3, 4, or 5 bonus symbols land, awarding 6, 8, or 10 free spins respectively. In addition to the silver drill, a golden drill may appear during free spins. The golden drill also expands like the silver one but guarantees a cash prize ranging from 5 to 1000 times the bet. It's important to note that the silver drill doesn't offer such guarantees. Moreover, when a miner symbol appears during free spins, it nudges up or down to reveal a full stack of miners, potentially creating a silver or golden drill. Landing 2, 3, 4, or 5 bonus symbols during the bonus round awards an extra 4, 6, 8, or 10 free spins.

Ante Bet

With the Ante Bet feature active, the drill symbol in the base game always appears as a golden one.

Comparison with Other Games

Game Description RTP Volatility
Gold Rush Embark on a journey to unearth hidden treasures 96.20% High
Diamond Driller Drill deep into the earth in search of diamonds 95.50% Medium
Miner's Fortune Test your luck as you mine for valuable ores 97.00% Low

Game Design of Drill That Gold

Welcome to the depths of the earth, where fortune awaits! “Drill That Gold,” a slot game developed by Pragmatic Play, invites players to don their mining helmets and explore the underground tunnels in search of precious treasures. In this blog, we’ll delve into the design elements that make “Drill That Gold” an exciting and rewarding gaming experience.

The Mining Theme

“Drill That Gold” immerses players in the world of mining and excavation. The graphics depict rugged tunnels, gleaming gems, and hardworking miners. The color palette is earthy and warm, evoking the feeling of being deep underground. Whether you’re a seasoned miner or a curious newcomer, the theme resonates with the thrill of discovery.

Core Gameplay Mechanics

  • Grid: The game unfolds on a 5x3 grid, resembling a mine shaft.
  • Symbols: The reels feature mining-related symbols such as pickaxes, dynamite, lanterns, and precious stones.
  • Paylines: Winning combinations form across 20 fixed paylines.

Special Features

1. Drill Feature

  • When a stack of miners appears, it transforms into a silver drilling symbol.
  • The drilling symbol expands upward, turning wild and revealing a cash prize (up to 100x the bet).

2. Spin Modifiers

  • On non-winning spins, a modifier may trigger:
    • Turn the spin into a win worth at least 10x the bet.
    • Produce enough bonus symbols to activate the Gold Spins feature.

3. Gold Spins

  • Triggered by 3, 4, or 5 bonus symbols, awarding 6, 8, or 10 free spins, respectively.
  • During Gold Spins, a golden drill may appear:
    • Like the silver drill, it expands and turns wild.
    • Guarantees a cash prize (ranging from 5x to 1,000x the bet).

Volatility and RTP

  • “Drill That Gold” boasts high volatility, appealing to risk-takers.
  • The default RTP is 96.49%, but activating the Ante Bet option increases the stake by 25% while slightly lowering the RTP to 96.45%.

Drill That Gold: Slot Verdict

Drill That Gold manages to strike a certain level of success, elevating it beyond mere imitation. The drilling theme adds a unique touch that isn't always present in slots. When compared to a similar game like Relax Gaming's TNT Tumble, Drill That Gold stands out with its drilling mechanics, although TNT Tumble offers a more innovative approach. However, this isn't unexpected from Pragmatic Play, as pushing radical new concepts isn't their usual style. While Drill That Gold features plenty of drilling action, it's primarily a graphical cover for expanding wilds, with any cash prizes from the drills being a welcome bonus.

In essence, Drill That Gold is a well-rounded mining slot, albeit one that doesn't revolutionize the genre like Fire in the Hole xBomb did. It boasts Pragmatic Play's typical high-quality visuals and respectable stats, especially if you opt for the version with the highest RTP. From a technical standpoint, the game is solid, and the drilling and expanding wild concept make sense. In summary, players seeking a mining-themed slot experience should find Drill That Gold satisfying. It offers decent potential, with wins reaching up to 5,000 times the bet, although this figure acts as a hard win cap, preventing bonus rounds from turning into a frenzy of riches.

Despite its polished production, Drill That Gold is unlikely to leave a lasting impression. It delivers competently, with a couple of intriguing ideas, but it feels more like a familiar, comfortable design than a daring exploration of underground realms.

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6 Apr 2022
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