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Book of Fallen: Slot Overview

If you're the adventurous type who's up for exploring dark realms or braving cursed catacombs, then Pragmatic Play has just the game for you: Book of Fallen. In this adventure, you'll once again accompany a fearless Indiana Jones-esque character as he ventures back to Ancient Egypt, following in the footsteps of previous titles like Tomb of the Scarab Queen and Book of Tut. As you might expect, Book of Fallen sticks to the tried-and-true 'book' slot format, so don't anticipate any major deviations from the norm. However, there's an optional Ante Bet feature for those who like to amp up the stakes, and you get to choose an expanding symbol for your free spins. Let's dive in and see what it's all about.

The ambiance of Book of Fallen will feel familiar to seasoned Egyptian slot players, as it's set within an ancient Egyptian structure—whether it's a tomb, temple, or some other enigmatic space lost to time. The scenery consists of towering columns, intricate hieroglyphs, and plenty of weathered stonework bathed in a warm, golden light. While the graphics effectively set the scene, they don't push any boundaries or strive to be groundbreaking. It's a solid presentation that gets the job done without unnecessary frills.

From a mathematical standpoint, there's not much to fret about with Book of Fallen. The Return to Player (RTP) may vary, so it's wise to keep an eye on that, but by default, it stands at a respectable 96.5%, which holds up well against other games in the 'book' genre. Regular bets range from 10 cents to $/€50 per spin, but if you opt for the Super Spin Ante Bet, expect those stakes to climb significantly—we'll delve into that shortly. With the Ante Bet activated, the RTP dips slightly to 96.49%, and it drops a tad further to 96.48% when purchasing free spins. Regardless of your approach to Book of Fallen, be prepared for some high volatility, where the aim is to land screens filled with expanding symbols—a feat achievable in both free spins and the base game.

Most of the gameplay rules remain unchanged, so expect to play on a standard 5x3 grid with 10 paylines, where winning combinations form from left to right starting from the first reel. The symbols are pretty standard as well, ranging from 10 to Ace card rank tiles, followed by higher-value icons like Ankhs, Anubis, Tutankhamun, and our intrepid explorer, John Hunter. Aligning five premium symbols on a line can earn you anywhere from 75 to 500 times your initial wager.

Book of Fallen: Slot Features

So far, Book of Fallen seems pretty standard, but there are a couple of features worth noting, with one or two exceptions. Let's talk about the free spins, the Super Spin Ante Bet, and the bonus buy option:

Free Spins

In addition to the regular symbols, there's the book symbol. Books act as wilds, meaning they can substitute for any paying symbol to help complete winning combinations. They also serve as scatters—if you land 3 or more books anywhere on the reels, you'll trigger 10 free spins. But here's the interesting part: before the free spins start, you get to choose a special expanding symbol. During the free spins, whenever this chosen symbol appears, it expands to cover the entire reel vertically. And the best part? Expanded symbols pay out on all paylines, regardless of their position—they don't need to be adjacent or start from the left side of the screen to count as wins.

Super Spin Ante Bet

This is an optional feature you can activate during the base game. It increases your total bet for each spin by 10 times. With the Super Spin Ante Bet on, you can choose a special expanding symbol for the upcoming spins. Similar to the free spins, this selected symbol expands and pays out on regular base game spins. However, it's important to note that the win values are calculated based on the base bet, not the increased Super Bet cost.

Bonus Buy

If you're feeling particularly lucky (or impatient), you have the option to buy the bonus round itself for a cost of 100 times your current stake. This instantly triggers 10 free spins, skipping the wait.

Comparison with Other Games

Aspect Lords of the Fallen Elden Ring
World Design Semi-open-world with intertwining areas (similar to Dark Souls) Sprawling open-world in the Lands Between
Exploration Restricted scope, faster sprint speed, fewer empty areas Expansive, unlimited opportunities for discoveries
Lore Complexity Scattered storytelling, straightforward plot Elaborate lore at every level, like a puzzle to piece together
Combat Variety Excellent combat, but fewer weapons and armor options Huge pool of weapons, armor, spells, and summons
Magic and Ranged Magic less cumbersome, viable ranged weapons Magic, bows, and ranged options
Stance Dancing Ability to switch stances mid-combo Not present in Elden Ring
Overall Impression A solid Soulslike experience Considered one of the best games of all time

Design and Theme

The game design of Book of the Fallen is visually appealing and highly detailed. As you spin the reels, you’ll find yourself inside an Ancient Egyptian temple, surrounded by hieroglyphic-studded walls that emit an intermittent pulsating golden light. The symbols on the reels are intricately crafted, perfectly capturing the mystique and allure of ancient Egypt.

Why Play Book of the Fallen?

  • Stunning Design: The game’s visuals transport you to ancient Egypt, immersing you in its rich history and mythology.
  • Lucrative Bonus Features: The expanding symbols during free spins offer substantial winning opportunities.
  • Wide Betting Range: Whether you’re a casual player or a high roller, Book of the Fallen accommodates various betting preferences.

Book of Fallen: Slot Verdict

At first glance, Book of Fallen seems like your typical 'book of' slot game. But upon closer examination, there are two key features that might catch the attention of Ra enthusiasts. Visually, the game appears pretty standard, which could actually be a comforting factor for players who prefer tradition over innovation. After all, the real archaeological wonders of Egypt have stood the test of time for millennia, drawing tourists year after year.

The first notable change is the ability to choose the symbol you want as the expanding one during free spins—a departure from the usual random selection. In the past, players had little control over this aspect, so the option to pick your symbol outright is certainly enticing. Will you go for John Hunter every time, hoping for those coveted 5,000x full screen wins? Or perhaps opt for a lower-paying symbol for more frequent wins, or something in between? The choice is yours, quite literally.

Then there's the Super Spin Ante Bet, which adds an extra layer of excitement. Engaging this feature means there's a chance—albeit a slim one—of hitting full screen wins on any base game spin. Of course, this won't happen often, and paying ten times the stake for each spin is a significant investment that could quickly deplete your bankroll. While the increased cost might give some regular gamblers pause, it's not hard to imagine certain streamers going all-in with the Ante Bet option. And let's not forget about the feature buy option, which isn't commonly found in 'book' slots, especially classics like Book of Dead or Book of Ra. For players who can't wait to dive into the action, Book of Fallen might just be the preferred choice.

In summary, Pragmatic Play adds another Ra-themed slot to the mix. While some might argue that the world could do without yet another one of these games, Book of Fallen stands out as a well-crafted offering with solid stats, familiar aesthetics, and a couple of new twists to keep book fans intrigued and entertained.

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96.5 %
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17 Nov 2021
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