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Barn Festival: Slot Overview

Did you know that the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation predicts we'll need to produce 70% more food by 2050 to meet the demands of a growing population? It's a daunting challenge, considering the current levels of hunger and the billions more mouths to feed in the future. Let's hope humanity rises to the occasion. In the meantime, let's talk about an online slot game inspired by agriculture called Barn Festival, developed by Pragmatic Play.

Barn Festival combines elements from various popular games like Sweet Bonanza and Money Train 2 to create an engaging experience. Despite its name, the game doesn't actually take place inside a barn. Instead, you'll find yourself amidst vibrant farm scenery with a traditional red barn in the distance. While the name might be a bit misleading, the game maintains a cheerful atmosphere throughout.

The visuals are typical of Pragmatic Play, reminiscent of beloved titles like The Dog House Megaways. The base game features a relaxed banjo-based soundtrack, setting a laid-back tone, while the bonus round kicks things up a notch with a lively party vibe complete with fireworks.

So, while Barn Festival might not exactly live up to its name in terms of location, it certainly delivers on the festive atmosphere and classic Pragmatic Play charm.

Barn Festival offers a wide betting range, starting from just 20 p/c up to $/€100 per spin, making it accessible to a variety of players. It follows the footsteps of popular games like Sweet Bonanza and Gates of Olympus by using a scatter pays system. To score a win, you'll need to land 8 or more matching symbols anywhere on the 6x5 game grid.

It's worth noting that Barn Festival has three different RTP settings, with the highest being 96.45%. Additionally, the game boasts a volatility rating of 5 out of 5, meaning it's as volatile as it gets for Pragmatic Play slots.

The paytable in Barn Festival blends classic slot symbols with agricultural imagery. Lower-value symbols include the familiar diamond, club, heart, and spade card suits, offering payouts ranging from 2 to 8 times the bet when you land 12 of them. On the premium side, you'll find symbols like aubergines, corn, toadstools, oranges, and strawberries. If you manage to land 12 of these premium symbols in a scatter win, you'll earn between 10 and 50 times your stake.

Whenever a win occurs, the tumble feature kicks in, removing the winning symbols and allowing new ones to fall into their place. This cascading effect continues until no new scatter wins are formed, adding an extra layer of excitement to the gameplay.

Barn Festival: Slot Features

Money symbols play a crucial role in unlocking special features in Barn Festival, offering win multipliers in the base game and triggering the Barn Festival Money Respins feature depending on how many appear on the reels. Here's how it works:

Win Multipliers

- When exactly 3 money symbols appear during a tumble sequence, their values are converted into win multipliers. These multipliers are added together and applied to the total win at the end of the sequence.
- If 3 money symbols land at the start of a spin and no win occurs initially, their values are stored. The symbols are then respun until a win happens, and the multiplier can be applied to it.

Money Respin Feature

- If you land 4 or more money symbols, the Money Respin feature is triggered. This bonus round takes place on a 4x5 grid, with the triggering money symbols locked in place, and you're given 3 respins.
- Each time new symbols land, they're also locked, resetting the respin count. Additionally, special symbols may appear:
  - Add Value: Adds a random value to all money symbols and then becomes a money symbol itself.
  - Multiply: Multiplies the value of 2 to 5 money symbols by x2, x3, x4, or x5, then turns into a money symbol.
  - Collect: Collects the values of all money symbols on the screen.
  - Unlock: Adds a reel to the grid and transforms into a money symbol.
  - Persistent Add, Persistent Multiply, Persistent Collect: These special symbols add values, multiply values, or collect values of money symbols on the current and all future respins.
- The Money Respin round ends when respins are completed, the win cap is reached, or all positions on the grid are filled. If all positions are filled, an additional 500x the bet is added to the total win.

Buy Respins

- In some jurisdictions, players have the option to buy the respin feature for 100x the bet instead of waiting for the required number of money symbols to land.

Comparison with Other Games

Game Description RTP Volatility
Barnyard Bonanza Join the animals for a festive barn celebration 96.50% Medium
Harvest Hoedown Experience the joy of the harvest festival 95.80% High
Country Fair Enjoy the sights and sounds of a rural fair 97.20% Low

Game Design of  Barn Festival

Welcome to the vibrant world of “Barn Festival,” a slot game that celebrates the bountiful harvest season. Developed by Pragmatic Play, this game combines the joy of farming with the excitement of winning. In this blog, we’ll delve into the design elements that make “Barn Festival” a delightful addition to the slot game genre.

The Farming Theme

“Barn Festival” immerses players in the heart of a bustling farm during harvest time. The graphics are charming and animated, capturing the essence of rural life. As you spin the reels, you’ll encounter ripe fruits, vegetables, and other farm-related symbols. The game’s visuals spark joy and evoke a sense of nostalgia for simpler times.

Gameplay Mechanics

  • Grid: The game is played on a 6x5 grid, which provides ample space for winning combinations.
  • Symbol Payouts: Unlike traditional paylines, “Barn Festival” uses a scatter pays system. A win occurs when 8 or more matching symbols appear anywhere on the grid.
  • Money Symbols: These special symbols carry random values (ranging from 1x to 500x the total bet). They play a crucial role in triggering features.

Tumble Feature

  • After a winning combination, the symbols involved are removed from the grid.
  • New symbols fall into the empty spaces, potentially creating additional wins.
  • Tumbling continues until no new wins occur.

Win Multipliers

  • When exactly 3 money symbols land during a tumble sequence, their values transform into win multipliers.
  • These multipliers are added together and applied to the total win at the end of the sequence.
  • If 3 money symbols land at the start of a spin (before any tumbling), their values are stored for later use.

Barn Festival Money Respins

  • The game’s highlight is the Money Respins feature.
  • Land 4 or more money symbols to trigger this bonus round.
  • The triggering money symbols remain sticky, and you receive 3 respins.
  • Each new money symbol that lands resets the respin counter to 3.
  • The goal is to fill the entire grid with money symbols for massive wins.

Barn Festival: Slot Verdict

Overall, Barn Festival stands out as one of the top picks among Pragmatic Play's slot games with scatter pays, offering new features that its predecessors didn't have. Much of its fresh elements can be credited to Relax Gaming's popular title, Money Train 2. But if you can look past that, Barn Festival has a lot to offer players who enjoy hold 'n win games with special symbols.

Some might even argue that Barn Festival's main game is more thrilling than Money Train 2. It introduces a unique scatter pay system that triggers tumbles and includes money symbol multipliers, which add to the excitement. It's also quite generous since unused multipliers carry over to the next scatter win, ensuring they're not wasted. However, Barn Festival lacks the intense vibe of Money Train 2, with its gritty steampunk world replaced by a lighter theme centered around farm life. This might not appeal to everyone, but Pragmatic Play has designed Barn Festival to be enjoyable for all types of players.

As for the bonus round, it's similar to what you've seen in other games. The persistent symbols play a crucial role, but decent results can still be achieved without them. However, there's always the chance of getting a disappointing bonus round, keeping the excitement unpredictable. One potential downside for some players is that the game stops once you reach a win of 20,000 times your bet. While this is less than half of what you could win in Money Train 2, the odds of hitting this max win are relatively decent. It's worth noting that the maximum win in Barn Festival is technically lower than what's claimed in Sweet Bonanza, but that's a whole other story.

So, if you're tired of trains or simply want to try out a hold 'n win game with special symbols from a different perspective, Barn Festival is definitely worth considering. Despite its cute agricultural appearance, it's packed with all the excitement you need to unleash like a runaway tractor.

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96.45 %
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30 Mar 2022
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